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GiveBig 2018

Wow, we have a final GiveBig 2018 total of just over $6200!  We can't thank folks enough for making our last GiveBig our best!   We set a high goal, and while we did not reach that goal, we are proud of this accomplishment - you made it happen.  We are investing in agency vehicles with a focus on giving those we support more choice and access to their communities, and our staff a stress free way to provide this valuable service.  PSRS is so fortunate to have dedicated friends and supporters who really stepped up to show how much they care.  

Thank you!

GiveBig 2018 raised $16.6 million for over 1588 non profits!  PSRS is proud to have been a part of something so awesome.  Read more about it here

GiveBig is a one-day online giving event to raise funds for nonprofit organizations serving greater Seattle. And this happens to be the last year of this great giving opportunity so if you have not yet supported PSRS, the time is now!

As part of our commitment to offering people with developmental and intellectual disabilities the supports they need and deserve, we are expanding our transportation services by providing agency vehicles.  Having a PSRS vehicle available for staff to use will help ensure the people we support have more reliable access to things like health and therapeutic appointments, work, social events, family visits, shopping, and more.

Our GiveBig goal is $10,000  It’s our biggest goal yet but only a fraction of the investment we are making.  We know you are up to the challenge because you believe in supporting people with disabilities to have choice, and access to their communities.   People like Richelle.

Richelle goes to work every week day.  She is a valued employee and has held her job for nearly 30 years!  Richelle is blind and hard of hearing - she relies on her PSRS staff to help her get to and from work Monday through Friday, a 45-mile round trip each day. 

Richelle likes to stay active; she enjoys going shopping, to movies, visiting with friends and family, and horseback riding which she does every week (a 64-mile round trip).  She also participates in a skiing program every winter.  These activities are really important to Richelle and her wellbeing.

Access to consistent, reliable transportation is an ongoing issue.  It can impact Richelle’s choices, her planned activities, and her ability to do the things in life that make her happy.  Richelle works hard and should have experiences in her life that are by choice, and enjoyable to her. 

A car in every driveway  It’s a win-win: PSRS staff will no longer have to stress about the costs and requirements of providing transportation with their personal vehicles.  Those we support will have more reliable access to the community and can be active outside of their homes with less time spent making arrangements.  We will cut down on missed appointments, missed social events…missed opportunities that have resulted from transportation challenges.
1 car = $7900 per year… We are doing this 17 times over!

One of your greatest contributions is telling others about PSRS. As a local nonprofit, PSRS is fortunate to have a small group of dedicated supporters.  Not everyone is able to make a monetary donation – we get that.  You can still help PSRS raise money during GiveBig, and beyond. 

Spread the word – reach out to your communities in person and via social media; talk about the work PSRS does, about our commitment to supporting people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to live fulfilled, empowered lives.  Maybe you have a personal story about how PSRS has made a positive impact in your life, or in the life of a loved one.  
Thank you for your support.  It means the world to us.