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PSRS Board of Directors

You can have a positive impact in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by serving on the PSRS Board of Directors.  We are looking for people who can make a modest time commitment to help oversee and improve our operations, focus on fundraising, and bring professional skills, expertise, and diverse perspective to our organization.  This is a great way to give back, to support a cause you care about, and to join a fine team of people who share an interest in ensuring PSRS continues to thrive. 

If you are interested in learning more, we would love to hear from you.  Please reach out to us at:

Thank you to all of our board members!

Board Members

Jackie Blair is a professional guardian, proud grandmother, and founder of PSRS who has been a board member on and off since 1985.  She is on the PSRS Board of Directors today because she is dedicated to PSRS, and “wants to ensure the quality, goals, and vision stay in tact”.

Theresa Ahdieh is a mother of two, a wife, dog lover, wine & food enthusiast, urban gardener, and Windermere Real Estate Broker. She joined the PSRS Board of Directors in 2019 because people who cannot advocate for themselves need a voice, resources, and understanding.  She helped her elderly neighbors get care through persistent advocating, and assistance while respecting their rights - this experience gave her a sense of the challenges vulnerable people often face.  Theresa now offers PSRS her skills and commitment to educating others about people who need a voice in our communities.

Joelle Bejarano is a senior project manager with the Kent School District and has been a board member since 2016.  She is on the PSRS Board of Directors today because she is “passionate about giving back to the community and serving to improve the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities”.

John Connally is a product manager with PEMCO Insurance and has been a board member since 2016.  He is on the PSRS Board of Directors today “to positively impact the lives of others in my community”.

Connie Hyman is a pharmacy technician who has been a board member since 2007.  She remains on the PSRS Board of Directors today because she “believes that everyone needs the opportunity to enjoy life regardless of their situation”.

Shawn Beck is a medical assistant at Seattle Children’s Hospital and has been a board member since 2007.  She is on the PSRS Board of Directors today because she “truly believes in the mission of Puget Sound Regional Services”.

Suzanne Mezger is a retired professional who held various positions during her 40+ year career supporting people with disabilities (including working for PSRS for 11 years) - she has been a board member since 2017.  As a member of the PSRS Board of Directors she hopes her years of experience and knowledge will “contribute to improving the lives of the individuals PSRS supports”.

Jessie Carbary joined the board in August 2020.

Thank You and Farewell Elise

Over the past twenty years Elise Sandwick has volunteered and served on the PSRS board of directors. With immense sadness we learned that on Friday May 24, 2018 Elise passed away after a long and ongoing battle with cancer.

Elise was steadfastly committed to PSRS’ mission. In her tenure Elise provided consultation and leadership in the governance of our organization and has positively impacted and changed the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD).

Elise began her advocacy and work supporting ID/DD individuals by volunteering at Fircrest School during high school, and then taking a paid position providing direct support to Fircrest clients. It was this experience that solidified Elise’s belief in, and commitment to, community-based services – Elise believed strongly that ID/DD individuals should participate fully in their communities, experience equity, and exercise self-determination.

In her business life Elise owned and operated Dance Expressions in Maple Valley Washington. While technical skill development was the objective, Elise put building community, relationships, and developing the individual strength of her students at center of her business. Elise brought students and families together, fostered relationships and connections, and nurtured her students’ self-confidence and inner strength. Through her work her students grew into strong and confident adults, and many went on to perform in the dance and entertainment community around the country.

It is with great respect that PSRS acknowledges and thanks Elise for her many years of guidance, leadership, and support. Thank you for making our clients and organization a priority in your life. Our board of directors, organization leadership, employees, clients, families, and community have benefited immensely from your presence and involvement in our organization.

Elise is much loved and respected by her family, friends, fellow board members, employees, students, and colleagues; her legacy lies in the profound effect she had on our ID/DD community, and the dance and artist community that she loved so much. Our thoughts and sympathies are with Elise’s family, her close friends, and those whose lives she changed through her care and support.

Thank you Elise, you will be missed, and you will continue to make the world a better place.