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Life Experiences

Watching a sporting event, catching a movie, grabbing a bite with friends and family, going for a walk or attending social functions—these are some of the things that make up our weekends. Activities like these keep us connected with those we care about and help us to stay fit and enjoy our lives.

PSRS strives to support and encourage individuals to incorporate these experiences into their daily lives.  Depending on the interests and needs of each person, our Community Support Specialists help them pursue and experience interesting activities.  Whether favorite hobbies or brand new experiences, we are committed to supporting people to live their lives to the fullest and actively participate in their communities.

Getting Out in the Community

The individuals we support engage in a wide range of community activities, depending on preference and physical ability. From bowling and swimming to walking, hiking, biking local trails, attending preferred religious services or dining at a favorite restaurant, people enjoy getting out into their local communities. In addition to the individual activities listed, many people participate in team sports, exercise at local health clubs, and compete in the Special Olympics.

New Adventures, Travels & Friendships

In addition to the outdoor activities mentioned, many individuals enjoy therapeutic horseback riding, or participate in downhill and cross-country skiing programs through the Outdoors for All program. Some individuals have goals to save up to take a vacation. Some past destinations such as Disneyland, Vancouver & Victoria, B.C. Seaside & Ocean Shores in OR, Leavenworth WA, and the Mall of America. 

Supporting people to engage in their communities is one of the most vital things we do. From trips to the local recreation center to weekly church attendance to visits with friends and family, we help our clients build relationships and connect with the people that matter most.

(Left) Shaine from one of our featured stories holds a hamster.  (Right) Shaine's staff is across from him and she is helping him to support teh animal in his hands
Indoor Activities

In addition to the activities that focus on exploring new places, strengthening the body and connecting with others, we also support our clients who enjoy activities closer to home, such as reading, listening to music, latch-hooking, playing board games, doing puzzles, watching television or a movie, and playing musical instruments. 


Being gainfully employed in a meaningful job is an important part of everyone’s life. PSRS makes it a priority to support individuals to maintain employment. Successfully working a job not only provides a secure source of income, but instills pride and a healthy sense of self-worth. 

PSRS is not a vocational or employment provider – we work collaboratively with such providers to support individuals with disabilities to achieve their employment aspirations. PSRS works collaboratively with employment providers to develop supports within an individual's program to ensure their success.  These supports could include consistent transportation, training on the public transportation services, healthy sleep and awake times, preparing lunches, and meeting proper dress codes and hygiene requirements.