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Puget Sound Regional Services (PSRS) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide long term community based supported living services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  We are connecting people with their communities.  Join us.

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Our Mission

Providing long term, community-based services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The individuals we support have unique needs and endless abilities. We achieve objectives by supporting increased independence, ability, and skill in accomplishing activities of daily living and lifelong goals. We empower individuals to contribute to their community, by fostering opportunities, engagement, and inclusion. PSRS puts people at the center of supports and services; compassion, relationships, advocacy, and specialized training are essential to our success.  Learn more

Close up of faces. (Left) African woman in white hijab smiling at camera . (Right) Woman supported by PSRS wearing big white sunglasses, with a big toothy smile

News & Notes

2019 was a great year for PSRS thanks to all of our staff and supporters. We accomplished quite a bit! Here's a snapshot of what the year looked like.

Since its founding, PSRS has been committed to maintaining a Deaf friendly environment and culture, for our employees and for the people we support. PSRS employs more than 25 people who are deaf or hard of hearing and is invested in continuing to recruit. Learn more

What a fantastic holiday party this year! Food, games, a photo booth, gifts, Santa- we had it all. Take a look!

Darion Mallard came to PSRS five years ago to make a difference. And he has. His unique perspective and experience have helped him to foster a special connection with the person he supports. Read about how Darion has turned challenge into triumph and a special relationship that has changed two lives.