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Want to learn more about the people PSRS supports, our staff, and other topics of interest?  Look no further.

PSRS wants you to know who we are, what we do, and why we do it.  Take a moment to check out some featured stories – learn about our passion for our work, our dedicated staff, and the cool things people are doing.



Lucy is a Deaf African young woman who started receiving support services from PSRS last year. Staff Antonia built a relationship with Lucy, creating a work of shared cultural pride and beauty.  Read more about what transpired.

In a time where the headlines focus on infections and casualties, it’s easy to forget that a single, trusting relationship can be the start to a safer community.

Over $125k and counting has been spent in response to a crisis that quickly emerged and has endured with unfortunate resilience. Like all of us, PSRS was taken by surprise by the Covid 19 pandemic and had to jump into action. See what we are doing.

Since its founding, PSRS has been committed to maintaining a Deaf friendly environment and culture, for our employees and for the people we support. PSRS employs more than 25 people who are deaf or hard of hearing and is invested in continuing to recruit. Learn more