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PSRS Supporters Gave BIG

The unofficial numbers are in.  GiveBig 2019 raised around $11.3 million from nearly 22,000 individual donors who made more than 51,000 donations to 1,447 local nonprofits! 

PSRS did pretty well too and was generously rewarded by over 30 supporters with $10,700, our biggest total raised in the four years we have been participating in this day of giving!  Initially, PSRS set out to raise $7500 to go directly towards a dedicated fund for the people we support.  We shattered that goal thanks to all who donated, and in particular to a sizeable donation from a PSRS family.  We are so grateful to have people who value the work PSRS does, and who are able to contribute to our mission.  We are fortunate to have many committed supporters who come through every time -  a very heartfelt thank you for making this our most successful GiveBig to date!  Our commitment to you is to share the stories of how your dollars are being put to work.  We can’t wait to get folks out swimming, horseback riding, to concerts, taking classes, and more!

GiveBig happens once a year.  You can make a difference year round when you sign up for monthly giving.  Learn more here.

GiveBIG 2019 is here!

Early giving starts April 23rd! 

What do you look forward to in your life?  What makes you feel fulfilled?  You can probably come up with at least one answer.  But for many people with developmental disabilities living in the community, it’s not so easy.  Many do not have the resources that create opportunities for joy and fulfillment, or for feeling a sense of pride about themselves, their homes, or their paths in life.  PSRS wants to do something about that.

GiveBig 2019 is here!  PSRS is thrilled to be participating in our fourth annual GiveBig, a day of giving to raise funds for nonprofit organizations serving greater Seattle.  We are doing something special and hope you’ll be part of it.

This year, all GiveBig donations will be added to a dedicated account to directly help the people we support every day.

As part of our 36-year commitment to supporting people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to thrive in their community, PSRS is making it a priority to support individuals to have meaningful life experiences, and safe, comfortable living spaces they can be proud of.  We want to remove barriers and give those we support more opportunities to have fun, to grow, and to get the things they need to make their lives better.

That is why we have a big GiveBig goal of $7,500 and we need your help!

To truly fulfill our mission, PSRS is focused on supporting people with disabilities to access and enjoy their communities. We want to help people achieve their goals and ambitions. We want to continue to invest in life affirming and fulfilling activities.  Day trips, special events, classes, therapeutic services - these are things many of us look forward to, in which we invest our time and money.  They help define who we are, how we relate to the world, and connect us to one another.  PSRS wants those we support to have these things too.  We also want to ensure proper living environments that support safety and comfort which starts in the home.

For most of us, income plays a critical role in shaping quality of life.  Many of the people PSRS supports do not have the income to meet their basic living needs, let alone pay for activities, home repairs, or unexpected expenses. Their income doesn’t leave much left over for fun activities, pursuing outside interests, or even for needed items and therapies that foster environmental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Support PSRS during GiveBig on May 8th or before during early giving. You’re not just giving money; you’re giving meaningful life experiences and support to people who need and deserve them.

We are asking you to contribute because you believe in supporting people with disabilities to not only have choice and access to the community, but to experience the joys it offers.  We want you to join us in helping people like Connor.

Jesse is a young, vibrant person who doesn’t allow anything to stop him from living life. He is also Deaf/Blind.  Jesse currently pays almost his entire income towards rent and has needed to borrow money to meet basic living needs ever since PSRS started supporting him a little over a year ago.  Jesse loves swimming – he feels free to move and roam through the water independently without the worry of bumping into something. But he has not been able to go swimming much because he cannot afford paid community activities – membership to a gym or community pool is far out of reach.  One of Jesse’s great joys in life has been missing – PSRS wants to give it back.  

Ready to Give Big and help people like Connor? Early giving begins online on April 23rd so you don’t have to wait!  Just click right HERE

One of your greatest contributions is telling others about PSRS. As a local nonprofit, PSRS is fortunate to have a small group of dedicated donors.  Not everyone is able to make a monetary donation – we get that.  You can still help PSRS raise money during GiveBig, and beyond. 

Spread the word – reach out to your communities in person and via social media; talk about the work PSRS does, about our commitment to supporting people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to live fulfilled, empowered lives.  Maybe you have a personal story about how PSRS has made a positive impact in your life, or in the life of a loved one.  Tell your friends, extended family, neighbors, educators, spiritual congregations…tell everyone!


 If you prefer to give directly to PSRS via our website, please visit our Donate page and add 'GiveBig' to the note section.