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Studies have shown that giving makes us feel happy, is good for our health, and promotes social connection.  We could all use some of that right about now!  So, this November 27th, aka Giving Tueday, get ready to donate to PSRS and feel happy!

It's always the right time to give, BUT Tuesday, November 27th is especially the right time to give!  That's because it's Giving Tuesday, a proud tradition for us at PSRS for several years.  The Tuesday following Thanksgiving has been a day of altruism, connecting a world of givers to organizations that need them.  PSRS needs you step up for our last fundraiser of the year!  Help us reach our goal of $8,500.

Why give to PSRS on Giving Tuesday?  Aside from the awesome work we do to support people with developmental & intellectual disabilities to have their own homes and self-directed lives in the community, and in addition to the incredibly important work our staff do every day, we need your help.

As we did the previous year, PSRS is putting Giving Tuesday and end of year donations towards gifts for our folks, and the big end of year holiday party.  This is a long standing PSRS tradition that everyone looks forward to – some people start excitedly talking about this even months in advance.  Our costs for this one event total over $10,000.  PSRS is invested in showing the people we support and their staff how much we care, and how thankful we are that we have the opportunity to make a positive difference in our communities.

We would love for you to be part of this, to know that for a small contribution, you can give a whole lot of happiness to a bunch of people.  It warms our hearts to see the smiles and sheer excitement when Santa hands out these special gifts - YOU can help make it happen when you donate to PSRS.

Last year was amazing.  With the support of over 40 donors, PSRS was able to give the people we support something to really smile about.  From Mariners tickets and tactile & sensory toys to jewelry, makeup, cookware, books, and music, we made sure these gifts were specially selected based on the interests and wish lists of those we support.  As most live at or below the poverty level, they must stick to strict budgets.  Many cannot afford to buy themselves these items.  This makes a gift truly special.

Why give to PSRS on Giving Tuesday? Giving to a cause you believe in feels good, and does good.  It’s that simple.  And so is making a donation (any amount) to PSRS.

PSRS gladly accepts donations throughout the year.  If you are not able to make a contribution on November 27th, please consider a gift by December 31st.

How YOU can make a difference:

1.  Donate securely online here  OR

2.  Send your gift by mail to: 149 Park Ave N., Renton, WA 98057