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Meet Our Sweet Fleet

Remember GiveBig way back in May?  PSRS had a goal to raise money for a specific cause - we invested in nearly 20 agency vehicles to better support individuals (and their staff) to get around in their communities.  PSRS has partnered with Enterprise Fleet to acquire and manage brand new Nissan Sentras in addition to the five vehicles we already own.  As anticipated, these new cars started arriving in June and continue to trickle in as we deploy them out to residences.  PSRS staff have started to use the vehicles to take people to appointments and activities. Our Quality Assurance Manager Sean and Program Assistant Makenna have been working hard to manage this launch and ensure that safety is a priority.  

So far, several PSRS staff have commented on how great it is to have a reliable, accessible method of transportation.  One of our staff even used the vehicle to provide refreshing air conditioning during the recent heat wave while getting the individuals they support out of the hot house.  

PSRS is committed to supporting people with disabilities to lead fulfilling and empowered lives by providing quality, person centered services.  Having safe, reliable vehicles is a win for our staff, and the people we support.  We appreciate all of you who contributed to the effort during GiveBig and are happy to report on this success!