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Reggie's 20 Awesome Years

Congratulations and THANK YOU to Reggie Scott for his 20 years of commitment to PSRS and the people we support. Reggie works in a program that specializes in care for people who are Deaf, Blind, and Deaf/Blind.  Over the years, Reggie has held several positions as a direct support staff, program manager, and program coordinator.  He has built relationships with many individuals which is so important when providing support and care to people, as well as working within a team. Twenty years is a milestone for any job, but especially in Supported Living where turn over is high.  

At the time, Reggie didn't expect he would spend the next 20 years with PSRS, but he found that he really enjoyed working with the individuals we support, and in turn felt supported by PSRS.  "It's been great working here - I enjoy the management teams, staff, and our clients".

Program Manager Gloria Spik-Reis and fellow team member has been working with Reggie for the past 18 years!  She says that he has "always been available to help in emergencies, and is good at keeping people calm. We always learn from each other about different styles of proper sign languages - he is from west and I am from east. It is a pleasure working with him".

Director Paul Anliker had this to say: "Reggie is a wonderfully compassionate person.  As I have been working with him for almost 19 years, he continues to show that his primary focus is client centered.  He consistently strives to assure the people he supports have the best possible lives and, in doing so, helps fulfill the primary mission of PSRS.  Thank you Reggie for being such a great guy!".

PSRS is grateful to have a loyal and dedicated Program Coordinator like Reggie.  We look forward to the next 20 years!