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The Art of the Art Deal

Remember aspiring artist Holly from our first newsletter?  Well she just had her first art show here at the PSRS office and it was a big  success!  With the support and encouragement of staff Crystal Curtis, Holly gathered numerous paintings and drawings, framed, and priced them.  She sold nearly 30 pieces in just a couple hours (thanks to staff Lisa Dicoh for her support during the event and director Jeff Couture  for organizing)!  A big step for Holly, this was her first art show, and certainly not her last.  Not only did she display her original pieces, but she also learned about the work that goes into preparing and selling her art.

Holly has taken art classes for a while and has expressed interest in selling her work.  She is really happy about her experience and is  eager to do it again.  PSRS will gladly continue to support Holly, and seek opportunities to share (and sell) her art more broadly.