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Your GiveBig Dollars at Work

During the last GiveBig, PSRS raised over $10,500 to put towards supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to do more in their communities and in their homes. So, what have we been doing?

So far, we have dipped into the dedicated GiveBig fund to purchase tickets to Wild Waves and Disney on Ice, fans, room organizers, special clothing, mattresses, bed frames, and more. We will keep you updated on all the great things these dollars are doing!

A very special thank you to George & Kay Cheroke whose charitable GiveBig gift is helping to create a lot of smiles.  PSRS is so appreciative of their generosity and continued support. 

Gene often needs encouragement to venture out of his home so when he approached his staff stating he wanted to go to Wild Waves, PSRS made it happen!  Thanks to your GiveBig dollars, PSRS was able to send Gene and staff Kris for a day of water park magic with tickets to the park, parking, and meals too.

Aliya loves to shop and she loves clothes even more! But she didn't have much space in her room to accommodate her growing fashion collection.  Her clothes were in boxes and piles around her room which not only made it difficult to find things, it created an unsafe environment.  PSRS used your GiveBig dollars to purchase room organizers and clothing racks so that Aliyacould create more space and actually access all her stuff.

JT has back problems associated with his disability that are exacerbated by the poor condition of his old mattress.  Because of your GiveBig donation dollars, PSRS was able to buy him a new, thick hybrid mattress and bedframe which will give him much better support!  

These are just some of the examples of how your contributions are being used to give the people PSRS supports a little extra help where they need it, and to promote more community engagement, and fun!  Thank you to all of our supporters for making this happen!