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Integrity, Character, Ability, Responsibility, Excellence (ICARE).  All important things at PSRS that deserve recognition. Staff nominate one another for individual examples of great work and then vote for the recipient.  And the winners are….


Nick Osborne is a huge help to his team whenever he is needed and is always very flexible with his schedule.  Nick will come in early or stay late, and will often work on days off to ensure those he supports have what they need like haircuts and opportunities to go out on fun outings.  As one of our senior staff, Nick has worked for PSRS for just over 13 years, and is very knowledgeable.  Whenever there are new staff, he will always make sure they are shown around and are feeling comfortable which is particularly helpful when they are new to the agency or to this field of work.  Nick was nominated by multiple co-workers for this well deserved award.

Erica Sacha has demonstrated a high level of support for the people she helps through her interactions, as well as providing choice and opportunities for community inclusion. She has actively sought out new activities that individuals could engage in at a price that was in line with their budgets. Erica was successful not only in supporting someone to obtain a membership to the local YMCA, but also worked with her team in supporting that person to start swimming, a new activity. This process took weeks of trial and error before the team saw the first success, and it was Erica’s unwavering creativity and patience that played a huge role in allowing this individual to identify a new activity that she enjoys. Additionally, Erica has not lost touch with the people she previously worked with - she routinely sees them and advocates on their behalves. 

Adam Sterritt works with an individual who can be very challenging at times, but he is always willing to take issues head on. Adam wants to help improve the quality of life of the person he supports - he has helped increase physical activity by taking him out to play Pokémon Go and finding other activities they would enjoy to get him out more. Adam has great communication skills, and makes sure that the management team is aware of important things. Recently the individual Adam works with had a close family member pass away - Adam was a huge part of helping him through a difficult time.

Barbie Cruz is hard working, dedicated, and compassionate.  During the snow storm in February, many staff members were stuck, stranded, or unable to safely make it to their shifts. Barbie went above and beyond to make sure she was present for not only her shift, but to cover others as well. She stayed at the home for multiple days and nights ensuring the residents had proper care and support. Barbie is always the first person willing to cover shifts when short staffed, sacrificing her sleep, time, and days off.  She does so with pride and such a positive attitude. Her compassion and determination to give people the best life possible resonates at the home and with the people she supports. She helps create a positive environment with great teamwork.


Aimee Eveatt dedicated herself to ensuring the safety of not only the client she worked with, but also the staff and management team involved. Aimee supported an individual who experienced numerous challenges including encounters with law enforcement and need for other professional interventions. She stayed with the client at the hospital for hours, attended hearings in another county, and assisted this person to transition to a more appropriate living situation that could provide the level of support needed.  Aimee committed a large amount of time and energy to ensuring the client AND staff were supported.

Nicole Valencour has supported a person with severe hoarding behaviors, and who had a bed bug infestation. She jumped in and made sure everything that needed to happen, happened. Nicole managed the individual's concerns with professionalism and support, while also ensuring others received medications and went to appointments while severely understaffed. She committed much of her time to keeping health and safety the number one priority!

Ashley Allen is always respectful and considerate, yet firm in her advocacy for the people she supports. On one occasion, in response to a long standing power outage at a residence, Ashley immediately jumped in and identified a place to stay, packed up everything the two residents would need during their stay away from home, and ensured they were supported to get situated.  Ashley made sure they not only participated in what was occurring but also understood why it was necessary.  Ashley consistently demonstrates a positive, supportive attitude and approach when she interacts with her clients and co-workers. 

Michael Macheho recently took great care of an individual who fractured bones in both of his legs. He ensured his fellow staff know how to properly administer care/ treatment, and were trained properly on medical devices. Michael also makes himself aware of future scheduled appointments for all the people he supports and offers to stay late or come in early to attend them.


Sean Nickerson is always a strong advocate and consistently provides excellent support – he is always willing to help others.  Sean was nominated in particular for the exemplary care he provided to an individual who required intensive medical support and monitoring following a surgery.

Abdikani Malak maintains a very positive attitude and shows genuine care for the people he supports.  He is invested in their well being, helping to manage finances, teaching healthy eating habits, and communicating well with coworkers.  He is open, honest, and always looking for new ways to improve services.