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The Mike Duffey Award named in memory of one of the first individuals to be supported by PSRS, is given to staff who demonstrate commitment to supporting, encouraging, and fostering positive environments, relationships, and community participation for our clients. 

Congratulations to current and past recipients!


Cherilyn Gallo has been working with PSRS for almost two years. Recently, she supported several individuals to go to urgent care or the ER, sometimes twice in the same day.  She is always willing to help out with shift coverage, and never complains about being transferred to different homes.  Cherilyn checks if anything needs to be done no matter where she is, regardless if its her "main site" or not. She takes initiative to get things done and is always helping, or teaching the people she supports to learn new things. Cherilyn is a HUGE help to her program and to PSRS!

Siyayi Mukungatu has been with PSRS for nearly 6 years, mainly working overnight shifts, but often willing to help out by picking up mornings/afternoons shifts. She has overcome obstacles and grown to be an even better staff than before.  We appreciate her flexibly to cover shifts last minute. Siyayi has a high level of patience and communicates with her co-workers and managers. She has been a very valuable part of her team!

Anwar Ali always takes challenges on with a calm and kind disposition. He communicates well with his management team, and is very respected by the individual he supports because he always gives respect.  Anwar is always willing to pick up shifts, even when this means working doubles multiple days in a row and on his days off.  When working day shifts, he makes sure to get people out into the community.  Anwar is an all around wonderful addition to the PSRS team! 

Kris Steffenson has had a very positive impact on the people she supports. She has been very communicative with the her team and has come up with several great ideas to improve things at the home she works at including a deep cleaning which was sorely needed. Both residents appreciate the cleaner environment. She has forged a strong relationship with one person in particular - Kris has been able to talk him into going to medical appointments and to keep up on his grooming better. Kris’s effort to improve her own performance and the qualify of living for the people she supports. has had a HUGE effect on the program as a whole!

David Gachoka has been with PSRS for nearly seven years and is always ready and available to help his team even outside of his regularly scheduled shifts. His documentation is always clear, concise and timely; he is open to feedback and eager to learn how to improve his work. David’s attitude is outstanding and professional - he is proactive and participates in staff meetings and regularly contributes ideas and insights that improve the supports and quality of life for those we support. David’s attendance is amazing and it is a pleasure to work with him.  David is an integral part of, and absolute asset to the team. 


Marie Dore has been a stellar performer, demonstrating resourcefulness and persistent advocacy for the health and safety of the person she supports, whose needs have drastically changed within the last year.  This person was recently put on a feeding tube and is at constant risk of being diagnosed with pneumonia due to aspiration. Marie is one of many who believed that she and her coworkers could provide the support needed to ensure her health and safety. During this transition period, the person she supports experienced a few hospitalizations, but Marie continued to have faith that she would have a quality life with the current staff support if everyone fulfilled their job responsibilities. In December, Marie has helped out by filling shifts and arriving early to ensure scheduled appointments were attended. She has been a big help to the person she supports, co-workers, and management team!

Antoine Hilton regularly supports a complex person who has some challenging behaviors. Antoine continues to work with him willingly, in a positive manner, and with patience. He communicates well with the client’s parents and even takes him to go have dinner with them. He supports this individual full time but also helps out a lot with medication administration, as well as with transportation to appointments and outings for people at other homes, even on his days off.  Antoine has been a valuable employee and tremendous help to PSRS!

Daniela Fabian Dominguez is always willing to cover shifts which tremendously relieves the burden of looking for coverage. Most importantly, the impact it has on the health and safety of the people she supports is priceless. With Daniela working, those she supports have been able to attend most of their preferred activities as well as health appointments. This time of year tends to bring special challenges - Daniela always comes to work on time and ready for anything.  

Carrie Thompson has really stepped up to help out with medication administration and working shifts that were in critical need. She is one of the main staff who supports a particular individual who has challenging behaviors to attend appointments.  Carrie takes initiative to get things like grocery shopping and cleaning done without waiting to be asked or instructed.  She is also focused on ensuring the people she supports get out into the community.

Olivia Morrison keeps those she supports engaged in community activities, and actively takes on projects which she sees through to completion. When a person she supports broke their glasses, Olivia took it upon herself to locate a repair location, and take them to Burien to get the glasses repaired for free. She transfers to any home whenever asked and gives 110% no matter where she is working, or who she is supporting.

Fanuel Malunga supports an individual with particularly challenging behaviors, who loves to take public transportation. Fanuel accompanies him, and exercises patience, even when he must stay late, past the end of his shift to make sure the person he assists is safe. He never complains and always goes above and beyond to ensure consistency for the people he supports.

Yang So is a hard worker and dedicated staff who is always willing to help out . She ensures people's needs are met, and goes above and beyond.  Yang trained to drive the PSRS Access van, and helped make over 100 trips in a week!  Yang makes a positive impact on the lives of those she supports.

David Gochoka is an exceptional staff, David has been with PSRS for over 5 years. He is an advocate, contributing ideas, sharing concerns, and attending all important meetings. David has helped out in many programs - he makes an extra effort to get to know and bond with the people he supports.


Rowena Bailey is a real anchor staff. She knows the individuals she supports well and is always looking for ways to enrich their lives. She knows how to work with an individual that has very challenging behaviors, and she is willing to help with extra coverage even when it's not always convenient for her.

Joseph Wachira has been with PSRS for over 10 years and has worked with several different individuals over the years.  Joseph is a favored staff by those he currently supports; he uses his calm demeanor and patience to help them get through tough times and is greatly appreciated!  Joseph is always willing to do whatever is asked of him and does it with a smile.  PSRS is very lucky to have him as part of the team.

Nick Osborne has been with PSRS for over 10 years and has worked with many programs and individuals in that time. Nick was recently part of a training team that helped staff throughout the agency learn how to use our new electronic documentation system (Therap). While doing this, he changed his schedule to match the needs of the staff, which included working parts of every shift. He has been a huge help to our program over the past year and to other managers as well.  

Adriano Tarin's enthusiasm, communications skills, and professional demeanor are unequalled.  He thinks outside the box to engage those he supports, and his selfless attitude has made him worthy of this award.  Adriano has shown initiative, and his energy level rivals that of the Energizer bunny.  He is a team player and a top-performing  Direct Support Professional with above par work ethic. 

Brittany Dobson McIntyre comes to work with a “righting the ship” mentality.  She effectively communicates and takes on any problems or tasks head on.  She is very dependable and steps up during transition periods.  Brittany has been the most reliable and consistent employee in her program - her time and dedication are much appreciated.


Martha Malaki is an extremely dedicated worker who is always willing to help out and pick up shifts when needed. She stays calm during difficult situations and always knows how to diffuse them.  Martha is extremely kind and respectful to individuals she support as well as her fellow staff. 

Kathy Schulz has worked for PSRS for eight years as a highly appreciated and valued member of her team. She is willing to pick up extra shifts, come in early, stay late, and transfer to another home if needed. This is remarkable considering Kathy rides the bus and lives quite far from the home where she works, often having to walk half a mile from the closest bus stop.  She does so in any weather (rain, snow, or shine) without complaint.  While Kathy does not use a car for transportation, she never lets it stop her from following through with scheduled outings, activities, or appointments. She keeps a positive attitude and gives much of herself for the betterment of the lives of the individuals she supports.  

Chris Plancic is willing to step in to help with any situation, from supporting individuals, to filling in shifts on short notice, to training new staff.  He is an excellent worker and a true role model!

Christine Saddler 

Damaris Chege 

Meagan Cooper 

Susan Thomas 

Trisha Jonientz